Pompey Memes At Northampton

I hate work. I love away days. Combine them together? You can knock off from work at midday to travel to a midweek away game not too far away! Happy days. Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Northampton”


What A Difference A Week Makes

What a difference a week makes.

Our team yesterday was almost unrecognisable from the one that lost to Rotherham last weekend and this was the first time this season that we’ve actually looked the better of the two teams on the pitch.  Continue reading “What A Difference A Week Makes”

Pompey Memes At AFC Wimbledon

It seems every time I buy a train ticket no sod checks it, I just know the one time I don’t buy one, some idiot will slap me with a hefty fine.  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At AFC Wimbledon”

Pompey Remembers

A Pompey Remembers Commemoration will be held in the Guildhall Square, Portsmouth on Saturday September 9, starting at 10am. Continue reading “Pompey Remembers”

Pompey Memes At Wigan

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go to a festival,  go queue up for an hour, then after queuing once, go and queue again. Then queue some more. Never again…

Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Wigan”

Scenic Memories At Portchester Castle

One of the most unusual and scenic settings for a Saturday afternoon football match was the home of Portchester Football Club.   Continue reading “Scenic Memories At Portchester Castle”

Pompey Memes At Oxford

First league away day of the 2017/18 season found Pompey Memes heading to Oxford.  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Oxford”

Harsh Dose Of Reality

By Anthony Hesse

Following the euphoria of winning our first home game in front of our new owners and manager last Saturday, today we were served up a harsh dose of reality!  Continue reading “Harsh Dose Of Reality”

Pompey Memes At Cardiff

Pompey Memes were back on the road as they headed to Cardiff City for the first round of the Carabao Cup. 

Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Cardiff”

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