Fix Away Woes To Hit Wembley Way

Some of you may already follow me on Twitter (@ChrisTheLewis) and on Saturday evening I had a thread of what I think about our team at this point in the season, especially looking at our away form. Continue reading “Fix Away Woes To Hit Wembley Way”


The Eisners – So Far So Good

Just under a year on from The News breaking the story about the Eisner takeover, here’s my personal and largely irrelevant thoughts on the Eisner’s so far.

Continue reading “The Eisners – So Far So Good”

Pompey Memes At Charlton

“It’s suppose to be our big day” whined the Charlton youfff on Twitter.  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Charlton”

Pompey v Southend – View From NSL

Today’s match was a very tight encounter that we probably deserved to win, just. Whilst it was ‘only a 1-0 win’ I have to say I came away a happy man purely because of the fighting manner in which we won the game. Continue reading “Pompey v Southend – View From NSL”

Pompey Memes At Blackpool

Firstly, thank you for continuing to support these blogs after I neglected to write up about last week’s shit storm against Luton, it would have just been me swearing. A lot. Hopefully this extended weekend blog will make up for it.  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Blackpool”

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

It’s a funny old game isn’t it? Continue reading “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener”

Pompey Memes At Luton

I refuse to write a blog about our away day visit to Luton because I fear I would get in trouble for my comments about…  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Luton”

Pompey Memes At Blackburn

Ah love a bit of deja vu. Please let me know if you read this… I never ever know if you do.
Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Blackburn”

Pompey Memes At Doncaster

Win, lose or draw. Carlisle, Morecambe or Luton… maybe not Luton. Thank f*** we don’t need to play them aga…oh wait.  Continue reading “Pompey Memes At Doncaster”

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