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Scenic Memories At Portchester Castle

One of the most unusual and scenic settings for a Saturday afternoon football match was the home of Portchester Football Club.   Continue reading “Scenic Memories At Portchester Castle”


Jubilee Bounce Back To Clinch Senior Title

Seventeen years after losing their premier division place, what an exciting finish Jubilee United served up in their final senior division match of the 1983-84 season. Continue reading “Jubilee Bounce Back To Clinch Senior Title”

Kendal and Omega 75 Rise To The Top

Kendal were a club around in the 1970s before the old problem of player recruitment led to them withdrawing at the start of the 1983-84 season.  Continue reading “Kendal and Omega 75 Rise To The Top”

Post-Match Pints At Venue Now The Home Of Pompey And Roko

Probably most local players enjoyed a visit to the Civil Service ground in Copnor Road, now the home of Roko and Pompey’s Training Ground. Continue reading “Post-Match Pints At Venue Now The Home Of Pompey And Roko”

Court Lane Memories…Dedicated Barry ‘Nalgo’ Campbell

Court Lane were a long-serving club from the 1950s but ran into player problems in the early 80s and sadly ended up folding.  Continue reading “Court Lane Memories…Dedicated Barry ‘Nalgo’ Campbell”

Tough Locks Heath…Imperial Rise To Top

Locks Heath were the most westerly of the Portsmouth & District sides – being right on the border with Southampton, whose league they were to later join.  Continue reading “Tough Locks Heath…Imperial Rise To Top”

Talent at Crofton and Apollo Delivered Success

Gosport sides have enjoyed success in the Portsmouth & District League down the years – not least Crofton Rangers and Apollo Sports. Continue reading “Talent at Crofton and Apollo Delivered Success”

Fantastic St Luke’s Five … Marconi Clash With Bush … Sloping Castle

Following my last column, it was great to hear from Cyril Tibbles who provided me with some additional information about St Luke’s. Continue reading “Fantastic St Luke’s Five … Marconi Clash With Bush … Sloping Castle”

Quality at St Luke’s and Hillside

This week I am going to feature two clubs who had been around for a long time – St Luke’s and Hillside.  Continue reading “Quality at St Luke’s and Hillside”

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